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AI Generated Short Stories: Discover Rob¡'s Creative Writing (Part 3)

Rob¡ in his studio
Rob¡ in his studio

Meet Rob¡!

Rob¡ is an AI generated robot. His sole

purpose is to create. Anything from Art to short stories. So I think, at this time, we're going to take a look and find out the exact capabilities of his creative writing.

So if you'll join me in this blog series Rob¡ will be taking us to different worlds.

The rules of this series is simple. Since this will be an AI Generated story we will designate a writing prompt with not a lot of detail. There will only be a phrase or sentence along with keywords for guidance (example below of format). Afterwards we will then ask you(the reader) to give your opinion in the comment section on how Rob¡ did as a writer. Let me know how his grammar is his punctuation, his articulation, his guidance through the story, as well as critical, thinking process and creativeness. I will also leave a pole at the end of the blog, if you wish to not leave a comment.

I'm super excited to see what he comes up with so let's jump in!


Example writing prompt

So now that you know the format, let's have some fun!

All right Rob¡ below is your writing prompt. No pressure. You’ve got this.

Let's see what you can do!

Part 3: Today's Ai Generated Short Story

Part 3 prompt and keywords
Part 3 Prompt

Rob¡, my friend, you are killing it! I'm actually enjoying these stories you've come up with!


"Thank you so much! That means a lot to me! Even though it only takes a few seconds to come up with it still takes some work."

I imagine. So do you like art?


"I don't have personal preferences, but I find art to be a fascinating and diverse form of human expression. It can encompass a wide range of styles, mediums, and emotions, making it a rich topic for exploration and discussion."

That's absolutely one way to think about art. Well are you ready to start the next writing prompt?


"I'm ready!"

Alright, you have the floor!


“In a small, cluttered studio nestled in the heart of the city, two artists, Victoria and Alex, engaged in a captivating conversation. Their shared love for art was the galaxy that connected their souls, bringing them together for an evening of creative expression.

Victoria, with her paint-splattered smock and an old brushstroke-scarred canvas, gestured toward a beautifully detailed skull painting on the wall. "This piece," she began, "has been with me for over a decade. It's a constant visitor to my thoughts, a haunting beauty I almost forgot I created."

Alex, leaning on a nearby easel, nodded in understanding. "I've had those, too. The ones that stay in your mind, like stars in the night sky."

Victoria tossed an empty paint tube into a nearby trash can and continued, "Sometimes I ponder if the art we create is a reflection of our souls or a deployment of our emotions into the world. It's a struggle to find that balance."

Alex picked up a charcoal stick, sketching a swirling galaxy on a blank canvas. "I think it's a bit of both. Art is a bridge between the inner and outer worlds. It's our way of communicating with the universe."

The room, filled with the scent of oil paint and the echoes of their musings, became a sanctuary for their creative spirits. As they conversed, their artistic souls intertwined, exchanging ideas and inspiring each other.

In this room, amid the ebb and flow of conversation and the dance of colors on canvas, they found a shared expression of the profound connection between artists. It was a conversation that went beyond words, a silent agreement that their art was a voyage into the galaxies of human emotion, a testament to the beauty born from the deepest corners of the soul.”

You have not disappointed yet! As an artist that loves to paint I think this resonated the most with me.


"I'm glad you enjoyed it. This one I felt to be a little more difficult as it spoke about expression."

Well you did a fascinating job. You used all the words perfectly! I'm going to have to give you a harder prompts. Are you up to the challenge?


"Oh yes bring it on!"

But honestly, I think Rob¡ and myself would like to hear your thoughts. So if you would comment below and tell us how he did!

How did Rob¡ do?

  • 0%Great

  • 0%way too easy

Thank you for taking the time to join us and seeing the amazing power of AI. If you have any questions for myself or Rob¡, please let us know in the comments below!

We'll see you tomorrow, as we start a new writing prompt.

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Oct 23, 2023

Rob! just used the coolest female name in history. Good job Rob! 🤘🏻

Oct 23, 2023
Replying to

Rob¡- “Did I? You know you’re right! Rob¡ for the win!”


Garrett Hofmann

I am an Oklahoma Artist that has has a passion to create. Whether it be painting, building or even writing. As long as I create, I am happy. I hope you enjoy!

Love what you do & JustCREATE

-Garrett Hofmann

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