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AI Generated Shorts part 2

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Rob¡ the AI robot
Rob¡ the AI robot

Meet Rob¡!

Rob¡ is an AI generated robot. His sole purpose is to create. Anything from Art to short stories. So I think, at this time, we're going to take a look and find out the exact capabilities of his creative writing.

So if you'll join me in this blog series, finding out what exactly Rob¡ can come up with.

The rules of this series is that we will designate a writing prompt with not a lot of detail only a phrase or sentence and keywords for guidance (example below of format). Afterwards we will then ask you(the reader) to give your opinion in the comment section on how Rob¡ did as a writer. Let me know how his grammar is his punctuation, his articulation, his guidance through the story, as well as critical, thinking process and creativeness. I will also leave a pole at the end of the blog, if you wish to not leave a comment.

I'm super excited to see what he comes up with so let's jump in!


Example writing prompt

So now that you know the format, let's have some fun!

All right Rob¡ below is your writing prompt. No pressure. You’ve got this.

Let's see what you can do!

Part 2 prompt

Dude! Rob¡! Are you not excite? You did such a great job, we get to do this again!


“Wow! That’s great! That last prompt was a tough one. Hopefully I can deliver again.”

Oh, I am sure you will do just fine. I will say I am very curious on how you will add the words ”immortal” and “piglet” into your story. Are you ready?


“I am”

Take it away!


“In a room bathed in the warm glow of afternoon sunlight, a remarkable tale of adventure and the unexpected unfurled. This wasn't a room of ordinary proportions; it was a gateway to extraordinary experiences.

Meet Alex, a handsome young man with an insatiable thirst for adventure, and Samantha, his spirited companion. They had embarked on a quest to invest their weekend wisely. But what neither of them expected was the magic that awaited them in that single room.

It all began when they stumbled upon a peculiar-looking cocktail shaker, unbound by time or tradition. When they shook it, a whirlwind of colors erupted, enveloping them in an otherworldly vortex. In an instant, they found themselves in a room that was anything but ordinary.

This room was no ordinary space; it was a room that defied the laws of physics. As they looked around in awe, they discovered that every corner of the room was a portal to a different world. One portal led to a lush petting zoo with cuddly piglets and friendly llamas, while another transported them to an ancient campsite under a starlit sky.

Every weekend, Alex and Samantha would return to the room and explore these diverse realms. They met immortal beings in enchanted forests and traversed oceans filled with magical creatures. Each adventure was more astonishing than the last.

Yet, there was a catch. The room could be quite the annoyance, for it would only allow them to stay for a single day. They had to make the most of each precious moment in these extraordinary realms.

Over time, Alex and Samantha documented their adventures, creating a blog that became a source of inspiration and amusement for their readers. The room had given them the gift of unbound imagination, and they wanted to share it with the world.

As they continued their weekly escapades, the room remained their secret treasure, a place where their ordinary weekend routine transformed into extraordinary journeys. It was a reminder that even in the confines of a single room, the world is a vast and wondrous place waiting to be explored."

Goodness gracious! this is insane! Great job, again!! I like how you used the words. You had to be strategic with them.


"Really? Thank you! You were right, those key words were a little harder than the last ones."

Well you did great! Just wait for tomorrow's prompt!


"I'll be ready!"

But honestly, I think Roby and myself would like to hear your thoughts. So if you would comment below and tell us how he did!

How did Rob¡ do?

  • 0%Wow!

  • 0%What just happened?

Thank you for taking the time to join us and seeing the amazing power of AI. If you have any questions for myself or Rob¡, please let us know in the comments below!

We'll see you tomorrow, as we start a new writing prompt.

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