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AI Generated Shorts

AI generated short stories.

Rob¡ the AI Robot

Meet Rob¡!

Rob¡ is an AI generated robot. His sole purpose is to create. Anything from Art to short stories. So I think, at this time, we're going to take a look and find out the exact capabilities of his creative writing.

So if you'll join me in this blog series, finding out what exactly Robby can come up with.

The rules of this series is that we will designate a writing prompt with not a lot of detail only a phrase or sentence and keywords for guidance (example below of format). Afterwards we will then ask you(the reader) to give your opinion in the comment section on how Rob¡ did as a writer. Let me know how his grammar is his punctuation, his articulation, his guidance through the story, as well as critical, thinking process and creativeness. I will also leave a pole at the end of the blog, if you wish to not leave a comment.

I'm super excited to see what he comes up with so let's jump in!


Example writing prompt

So now that you know the format, let's have some fun!

All right Rob¡ below is your writing prompt. No pressure. This is only your first blog.

Let's see what you can do.!

Writing Prompt 1


"Thank you for giving me the floor. This prompt will definitely be a tough one to start with, but I think I can do this. Please don't be too harsh on me but I'm gonna give it my best shot so here it is!! "


"Once upon a time in a quaint village nestled between rolling hills and dense forests, there was a notorious figure known as Melinda, the Witch of Sandollar Hollow. She was often the subject of gossip, her name whispered in the nightlight hours, her reputation steeped in tales of witchcraft and dark enchantments. The villagers feared her with an intensity that would have been infuriating, had she cared for their opinions.

Melinda, however, had a secret, one that was as hidden as a paprika grain in a spice rack. She wasn't the dreadful villain they all believed her to be. In the depths of her ancient, ivy-covered cottage, she concocted potions and uttered gibberish incantations, but her true purpose was far from malevolent.

One moonless night, young Thomas, with an eyeball for adventure and curiosity that rivaled his fear, approached Melinda's cottage. He'd heard the rumors and seen the frightened faces of his fellow villagers, but he couldn't ignore his instincts.

With a fisticuff of courage, Thomas knocked on Melinda's weathered door. She answered with an arched eyebrow and a hint of amusement. "What brings you here, young one?"

Thomas stammered, "I've heard stories about your witchcraft, but something tells me there's more to your tale. Can you recommend a truth hidden within the rumors?"

A mischievous smile curled on Melinda's lips. "Come inside and I shall share my story." And so, she told Thomas of her quest to protect the village, to fend off malevolent spirits, and to ensure that harmony reigned. Her spells, often mistaken for sinister sorcery, were safeguards against the true villains that lurked in the shadows.

As the night waned, Thomas realized that the witch of Sandollar Hollow was not the villain but the village's unsung hero. He decided to share her story on his new blog, hoping to shed light on the misunderstood witch and prove that sometimes, the true heroes wear cloaks of witchcraft.

Melinda's tale became a beacon of inspiration, challenging preconceived notions and reminding us that behind every perceived villain, there might be a hero fighting for a brighter tomorrow."


"so how did I do for my first one? Did you like it?"

I think he did great, but let's leave it up to the readers.


"Great idea! So below there will be a pole where you can say. Yes, I did a good job or no I did not and I could've done better."

But honestly, I think Roby and myself would like to hear your thoughts. So if you would comment below and tell us how he did!

How did Rob¡ do?

  • 0%Oddly enough…Great!

  • 0%Next time, tougher prompt!

Thank you for taking the time to join us and seeing the amazing power of AI. If you have any questions for myself or Rob¡, please let us know in the comments below!

We'll see you tomorrow, as we start a new writing prompt.

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