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Photo of Garrett infront of one of his favorite acrylic paintings, Cherry Blossom

First off I want to thank you for taking the time to follow along and enjoy my work. I was asked once, " What got you into ART?" The question in itself was a very hard question. Everything around me inspires me and feeds my urge to create. I love to create art. Whether it be Digital Art, Canvas Art, Photography, Music, or even Writing Poems. Everything is Art. Everything is beautifully designed and calculated to be perfect the way it is.  But I will say there is one thing that comes to mind every time I get asked this question.

The earliest memory of me doing any kind of art was on my Moms kitchen table. After several minutes of concentrated drawing I turned to my mother and said, "Look Mom you don't have to work anymore. I will just draw a bunch of these." I had drawn a dollar bill.  She is my inspiration.


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