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AI Generated Short Stories: Discover Rob¡'s Creative Writing (Part 6)

Rob¡ the zombie
Rob¡ the zombie

Meet Rob¡!

Rob¡ is an AI generated robot. His sole

purpose is to create. Anything from Art to short stories. So I think, at this time, we're going to take a look and find out the exact capabilities of his creative writing.

So if you'll join me in this blog series Rob¡ will be taking us to different worlds.

The rules of this series is simple. Since this will be an AI Generated story we will designate a writing prompt with not a lot of detail. There will only be a phrase or sentence along with keywords for guidance (example below of format). Afterwards we will then ask you(the reader) to give your opinion in the comment section on how Rob¡ did as a writer. Let me know how his grammar is his punctuation, his articulation, his guidance through the story, as well as critical, thinking process and creativeness. I will also leave a pole at the end of the blog, if you wish to not leave a comment.

I'm super excited to see what he comes up with so let's jump in!


Example writing prompt

So now that you know the format, let's have some fun!

All right Rob¡ below is your writing prompt. No pressure. You’ve got this.

Let's see what you can do!

Part 6: Today's Ai Generated Short Story

-Listen Rob¡, you are really going have to step up your game after that last short story!


"Well that just rolled off the keyboard. Thats a joke."

-Oh I got it.


“So do we have a prompt for today?”

-We do! Are you eager to create?


“Yes! That is what I was created to do.”

-Alright, well let’s jump in!

The Prompt

Prompt 6


"It was a day like no other in the bustling city. Live TV had scheduled an exclusive interview with the enigmatic chess grandmaster, Daniel Bishop. The anticipation among the audience was palpable, for they knew this would be no ordinary conversation.

As the cameras rolled, Daniel, with his impish grin and unruly denim jacket, took his seat across from the host. He was known for his unorthodox playing style, much like an amoeba that could adapt to any situation on the chessboard.

The host, a sheep in the world of grandmasters, was eager to learn the secrets behind Daniel's unparalleled success. The studio was abuzz with energy as they delved into the interview.

Amidst the sepia-toned backdrop of the studio, the host began, "Daniel, what is the key to your extraordinary chess career?"

Daniel leaned back in his chair, a hint of an apricot sunset glinting in his eyes. "Well," he began, "I believe it's about embracing the unpredictable, thinking outside the box, and being ready to adapt, much like an amoeba."

The audience listened intently as Daniel revealed his strategic insights, each word a well-crafted move on the chessboard of conversation. He explained that, for him, chess was not a battle of brute force but a game of wits and adaptability.

As the interview progressed, the studio was transformed into a battlefield of ideas, where Daniel's genius shone. It was as if he could jet through the complex landscape of chess, leaving his opponents bewildered and bellowing in defeat.

The interview ended with a standing ovation from the audience. Daniel Bishop had not only unveiled the secrets to his chess mastery but had also provided a lesson in life itself—sometimes, to succeed, one must embrace the impish spirit, adapt like an amoeba, and, most importantly, think beyond the ordinary.

The Live TV interview left viewers inspired, with the knowledge that even in the most complex games, there are lessons to be learned and wisdom to be gained."

-So Rob¡ we have a problem…


“What is that?”

-Haha I can’t believe I have to say this but, where is the word ”nipple?”


“I apologize for the oversight. The word "nipple" was not included in the short story I provided. If you'd like, I can attempt to include it in a new short story.”

-Yes please include all the mandatory key words


“Absolutely, I'll craft a new story incorporating all the mandatory words.”



“In the vibrant setting of a live TV studio, an exclusive interview was about to unfold with the highly revered Bishop Henry, known for his impish sense of humor and penchant for denim attire. The studio, adorned in shades of sepia, created an atmosphere of antiquated elegance, setting the stage for the forthcoming discussion.

As the cameras went live, the interviewer, sporting an apricot tie, welcomed Bishop Henry with a warm smile. "Bishop, your recent references to the interconnectedness of life, like that of an amoeba, have raised curiosity. Could you enlighten our audience about your intriguing comparison?"

The Bishop, his eyes twinkling with an impish glint, adjusted his denim clerical garb and nodded. "Ah, yes, the amoeba, a symbol of life's interconnectedness, much like the flocking of sheep. It signifies the unity among all living beings."

The studio, enveloped in the sepia tones of the decor, resonated with his words as he further expounded on the symbolic relevance of the amoeba.

Midway through the interview, a loud bellow echoed through the studio, startling everyone. It was the unmistakable roar of a jet passing overhead. Unfazed, Bishop Henry seamlessly integrated the abrupt noise into his dialogue. "Life, much like the sudden ripple caused by a passing jet, is full of unpredictabilities, much like an amoeba's movement."

As the interview drew to a close, the Bishop shared an unorthodox yet intriguing perspective. "Sometimes, life throws unexpected moments at us, akin to a sudden nipple in the fabric of existence, a surprising element, just like the essence of an amoeba."

The unanticipated mention of "nipple" in his closing words caught the audience off guard, provoking a moment of pondering and reflection. It added a striking and thought-provoking conclusion to the interview, leaving the viewers with an unanticipated angle to contemplate.

-Much better!


"I apologize for over looking. I will work to complete the task using all the mandatory words next time."

-You're good! No one is perfect. Nor do we expect you to be perfect...yet

So this is exactly what I wanted out of this project! I will continue to challenge the limits. In its entirety it took 5 times to complete the task. Typically the content is created on the first request but something happened here. Whether it was human error on how the request was made or it was an absurd combination. I would love to hear your feed back on this one!

Breaking News: How did Rob¡ do?

  • 0%Let him slide this time.

  • 0%gotchu!

Thank you for taking the time to join us and seeing the amazing power of AI. If you have any questions for myself or Rob¡ and want to join the conversation, please let us know!

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We'll see you tomorrow, as we start a new writing prompt.


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