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Four Magical Activities Before Christmas

Image provided by Garrett H.

So yes, I know we are past Christmas. These are just ideas that I do with my children and maybe inspire you for next years Christmas. I’m not one to fluff, so let’s jump right into Four Magical Activities to do with your toddler during Christmas. These are really easy and self explanatory so I hope you enjoy!


Snacks for Santa

OK I’m just saying, but we had to start this list off of with food. I mean the last few holidays of the year bring lots of food and drinks. So yeah I’m hungry ha ha. I am going to share a few snacks that we make. They’re not extravagant they’re not over the top. I literally just do the basics. But you can definitely kick this up a notch and go all out. More power to you.

  1. Cookies (for Santa)

  2. Carrots/celery/apples *either will do* (for the reindeer)

  3. Milk or hot cocoa

So what we like to do is set up a little area for Santa that’s clear of clutter and open so that he can see it. It’s out of the way, so not to disturb but in plain sight. Sometimes we write a letter to him. Anything we can do to let him know that we appreciate him. Place it out right before bed and then in the morning big man will have his fill.

Image provided by Garrett H.


Write Santa a Letter

Who doesn’t get excited when writing letters to Santa. This is one of the biggest holidays of the year. We wake up and we get to enjoy the company of our loved ones. Yes the presents play a big role in children. We all know the truth meaning of Christmas. so for this one you will need:

  1. Crayon or marker

  2. Sheet of paper

  3. Envelope

  4. Stamp

Let’s make that list. We all have things that we want so why not ask for them. Children gets so excited waiting for Santa’s. They can’t wait until they see that present under the tree. So go ahead write that list to make sure while writing this list and talking to your child spending time with them and making sure that they understand that the presents are not what makes up this holiday but the time right now that you’re spending together. Santa does not make Xbox his PlayStation’s iPads. No he doesn’t. Santa makes and brings smiles, laughter, warmth, and love. So be sure to make that list and add in what’s most important. After you write the list in a folder, paper and place it into the envelope then you were going to mail it to this address.

Santa Claus

123 Elf Road,

North Pole, 88888

What’s really cool about this dress is that this is a national address just for Santa Claus. And at the end of this article I will tell you what’s most special about this address. So make sure you stay tuned.

Another side to this is that Santa could write a letter back to the children. Every year Santa writes my girls a letter, letting them know how good they’ve been letting them now they appreciates the cookies and milk. He also gives him insight for the new year. Such as reminding them to be good and mind and I look forward to seeing them next year.


Watch for Santa

This one’s easy and doesn’t require much but your toddler will get the most out of it.-you will need the following:

  1. Internet connection and/or cable TV

  2. A monitor or TV to view

What you are looking for is a Santa tracker. Most new stations will advertise or keep track of where Santa is. This is a great way to find a good time for your children to go to bed and get excited to go to bed. This program is usually playing all night and “Live.” Tracking which part of the world or country Sant is currently in. We usually have this on the main TV in the Living Room and when we hear Santas getting close, it’s bedtime shut off the lights close your eyes and will see you in the morning. Don’t want Santa to catch you awake. It spoils the magic!


Plant Peppermints

One of my favorite things to do! I have done this with both of my girls. The premise of this is to watch the magic grow. Things that you will need:

  1. Peppermints

  2. Candy Canes

  3. Flower pot (or bowl)

  4. Bag of marshmallows or can substitute with a large bag of M&Ms

This is how I explained the idea to my daughters:

So Christmas is full of magic and one way that we can watch the magic grow is by planting peppermints.

When we plant them, Santa will come at night to every boy and girl, and not only does he leave presents, but he also leaves the magic of Christmas.

While Saint Nicholas is here the magic flows through the house and will turn these peppermints into candy canes!

I’ll tell you what, their eyes light up. Huge smiles take over their face. They get so excited and can’t wait until the morning.

  • Take your marshmallows or M&Ms, and pour them into the flower pot or bowl

  • Right before bed, take a few peppermints, and bury them under the marshmallows or Eminem’s a.k.a. the soil.

  • While Santa is leaving the presents, the peppermints will be replaced with candy canes, because of Santas magic.

  • The next morning watch their eyes light up as they find their peppermints have grown into candy canes!

As I told you, my daughters eyes lit up when I told him what would happen, so imagine their eyes when they woke up the next morning!

Image provided by Garrett H. In this example, the candy canes were still wrapped in plastic. I did not have marshmallows or chocolate. So are used rocks.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and I hope maybe it has inspired you to do some of your own traditions. And as you noticed the items I’ve listed were not expensive or not over-the-top or extravagant. Because the whole point is to spend time with your loved ones. That’s all this was about. So I look forward to hearing your traditions and how you and your family spend your time.


As promised, I will tell you what happens to letters that go to Santa with the address that I gave above. Do United States Postal Service does a project called operation, Santa. Or people are able to go and look at these letters and be able to donate a gift from those letters to that particular child directions and stipulations and guidelines are within the website. So if you would like more information on how to make a child happy and donate a toy during the Christmas times, please go to:

I’m closing whatever you do, it is my firm opinion I believe families should have a tradition. Doesn’t matter the holiday doesn’t even have to be a holiday as long as you have something to get together to enjoy tether and something to look forward to.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year to come!

Garrett H.

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