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What Are 3 Kinds/Type of Paint are Best for Your Canvas?

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You're about to start painting and you're faced with a ton of choices. At the core of every amazing work of art is the actual materials itself. in specific what type of paint are we gonna use? What type of paint is the best for your canvas? let's grab our paintbrush if you prefer to stand, or you prefer to sit, take that choice and let's dip that paintbrush in and find out.

We're gonna look into three best different kinds or types of paint and each one is a vibe. Do they still use that? Is that what the cool kids say now a vibe. Anyway, it's gonna set the tone for the painting that we're going to start. Those three different types of paint are acrylic, watercolor, and oil. Each one with their strengths and weaknesses. Each one has their own feel in their own perspective on the canvas.

Join me as we unravel the smoothness of acrylic's speedy style, the airy beauty of watercolor, and the deep richness of oil paint. As we find out which paint to use we will look into the pros and cons that can create the artistic journey with each paint stroke, hopefully giving you some inspiration for your next masterpiece.


Paint tubes

Acrylic Paint for your Canvas:

Acrylic paint is a versatile and fast-drying option, making it popular among artists of all levels. This is actually my go to when choosing a paint medium. Its water-based formula allows for easy cleanup, and it can be applied to various surfaces, from canvas to wood. Which makes it a great option when you don't have a canvas. You can actually turn most things into a canvas using acrylic paint. Acrylics offer vibrant colors and are known for their flexibility when layering.


1. Fast drying time! This allows for faster and more in the moment workflow. Because we all know when inspiration hits we've only got a window of time.

2. Water-based, making it easy to clean brushes with water. I would say the easiest next to watercolor paints. Don't let that brush sit too long.

3. Versatile – suitable for a wide range of surfaces. As I said, anything can become a canvas.


1. Dries darker than it appears when wet.

2. Limited time for blending due to fast drying.

3. Can have a plastic-like finish when dry.


Here are some GREAT Acrylic Paint choices for your canvas along with link to their starter packs if you would like to try for your self:Liquitex

  • Liquitex

  • Winsor & Newton

  • Golden



Watercolor Paint for Your Canvas:

Watercolor is celebrated for its transparency and timestopping quality it lends to artworks. Artists often appreciate the fluidity of watercolors, allowing for smooth transitions and delicate washes. While typically used on paper, watercolors can create stunning effects when applied to various absorbent surfaces.

So if you have different types of paper, go ahead and try it out. I think you'll like what you see. What better way to get a little practice and warm up before painting..


1. Transparency creates luminous and delicate effects. This is one of my favorite effects. In some techniques watercolor gives a smoky, kind of antique feeling to its piece.

2. Easily portable and requires minimal equipment. Very true. There are even Portable watercolor kits online (I provide a link below) for easy traveling. I took one of these while backpacking through the UK.

3. Allows for correction by lifting paint when wet.


1. Less forgiving than other paints, as mistakes are harder to correct.

2. Colors may appear lighter when dry.

3. Requires specific paper and may wrinkle with excessive water usage.


Here are some GREAT Watercolor Paint choices for your canvas as well as starter kits. Tell us what you think.:

  • Winsor & Newton

  • Daniel Smith

  • Sennelier

Also here is the portable watercolor kit I used while backpacking through the UK.


oil paint

Oil Paint for Your Canvas:

Oil paints are known for their rich and vibrant colors. With their extended drying times they provid artists ample opportunity for blending and layering. The slow drying process allows for reworking and adjustments, making it a favorite among artists seeking precision and depth in their compositions. This may be the choice for you depending on the feeling or idea of the painting.


1. Extended drying time allows for intricate detailing and blending.

2. Rich colors with a vibrant finish.

3. Versatile – suitable for a variety of techniques and surfaces.


1. Longer drying time can be a drawback for artists seeking quicker results.

2. Requires solvents for cleanup, posing potential health and environmental concerns.

3. Can be more expensive than other types of paint.


Here are some GREAT Oil Paint choices for your canvas as well as some starter kits. What do you think of these?:

  • Williamsburg Handmade Oil Paints

  • Sennelier

  • Maimeri



In the colorful art world, each type of paint offers its own unique qualities, catering to the preferences and styles of diverse artists. Whether honing into the versatility of acrylics, the illusive transparency of watercolors, or the rich depth of oil paints, artists can find the perfect medium to bring their creative visions to life. So in conclusion and complete honesty... You can not go wrong! Just start! Because these are the 3 best kinds/types of paint for your canvas. Whichever paint you use it will be a MASTERPIECE!

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