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Last Minute Valentine's Date Ideas

Oh my goodness it’s that time again and you forgot. Yeah, you, the one reading this. You completely forgot that you have a date to plan for your significant other. What the heck have you been doing? Lol. Well, the whole world was trying to figure out what they’re gonna do for their loved one ones like us yet we wait till last minute. There’s nothing wrong with that except for everything, but good thing is I’m single so I don’t have to plan anything except for my kids.

So without further ado, let’s jump into a list of quick and easy last-minute valentine day ideas that you can most certainly steal if you’re in a pickle

#1 - The Random Date

I have actually always wanted to do this one. It’s very simple and can be fairly inexpensive. As long as you don’t have any significant other than expects you to take you to the Ritz on the date and just enjoys your company. I think this is a great idea! The way to start it off is none other than a Walmart trip. I know what you’re thinking “Walmart??” But hear me out this date is designed to be somewhat spontaneous in a last-minute kind of situation.

You are going to take your significant other to Walmart or any super-center like store. And first stop at the movie bin. You know that big giant display that just has movies just piled in. Have them reach in and select a movie without looking. Hopefully it’s one that you haven’t seen yet and who doesn’t love a good old DVD and I say old I’m from the time of VHS is and everything is streaming now but let’s get you out of the house.

Next, you were going to go to the candy bin and do the same thing make sure you’re selecting two candies, one for each of you. See, so far this isn’t hard at all.

Next, you’re going to have to have your significant other draw out of a hat so this one’s gonna take a little planning. You’re gonna write on a few sheets of paper, their favorite restaurant, something quick, something easy something you haven’t had in a while that you could order and pick up. After everything is picked up and ready when you get home, you will have another hat for your significant other to draw from this one is going to have couch, picnic style, and movie in bed.

And there you go one of the quickest easiest dates ever.

#2 - Lets Get Desert

This one may rival the first one in the easiest date ever. While everyone is being lovey-dovey and going out and enjoying a fancy-dancy restaurant. You can make the date about  dessert. Every restaurant is going to be stupid crowded getting a seat is almost impossible so this way you can enjoy something sweet all enjoy the company of your sweetie… yes, I know that was a lame tagline but I’m telling you go out for ice cream go out for her favorite dessert. Something different.

#3 - Build A Fort

Try to send your significant other out for errands. That way it gives you enough time to turn your living room into a fort. Yes, I’m talking about when we were kids building a fort and watching movies in our living room. Imagine your significant other showing up to your house finding a fort with Christmas tree lights strung around a bowl of popcorn Netflix ready to roll. You don’t have to go extravagant to show that someone means something to you.

#4 - Cook Dinner

Exactly what this one says cook dinner instead of ordering food or even going to a restaurant to sit down in a crowded place and listen to everybody else have their conversation you can enjoy the company of each other just by cooking their favorite meal.

#5 - Card Giving

This is a fun idea if you’re one of those lovey-dovey types and yes you just enjoy each other’s company and just want to joke around because that’s how you function best go cart giving. This idea takes no money whatsoever and I think it’s kind of comical. All you do is take your significant other to a store that has cards specifically Valentine’s Day cards, of course lol. But you’re not gonna buy any. Your goal is to find a card for your significant other that will make them: 1: laugh or 2: cry. You guys may be there for a little while, reading cards and giving it to each other while you’re in the card isle. Make a game out of it, lol. If you make the other cry you get a kiss. If you make the other laugh, its bonus points. Make them do something silly. Everyone is going to be walking around looking at you thinking, "What the heck is going on," until they realize that you guys are spending quality time with each other and just enjoying yourself. Whoever has the most points at the end, of course, wins a prize or has to cook dinner or has to get dessert. Either way make it fun, make it enjoyable, make it yours.

In closing

So I hope this gives you some ideas. You do not have to use my ideas, but this, hopefully, will get your brain going and help you to figure out a solution to get you out of, what could be, a catastrophe lol. Or this could be why I'm single because these ideas, haha. Either way, I would love to hear your last minute date ideas that you have done in the past. Especially if the idea was so good that the significant other had no idea it was last minute… I promise I will not tell them it’s our little secret.

PS: If you need a little something to sweeten the deal I have copied the links for some GREAT Valentine gifts.

This one one is my ABSOLUTE favorite. They specialize in roses BUT the kicker is they last for years!! They are a bit pricey but completely worth it. Its called The Million Roses! Go check them out!

Link to their webesite below:

Need more ideas on dates just anytime? Here is a gift you can use over and over!

Make a mold of your hands! This is cute!

Ok are these not cool!? I always look at these types of gifts and wonder how they are done.

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